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Varrone Premana steel bell no 02

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Varrone Premana
No: 2
Hanger: 4 cm
Height: 7.8 cm

Made in Italy

The Varrone Premana are high quality steel bells. These are also known as the "Valais Treichel". The steel bells are machine-made. The steel bells are very good processed and are coated inside and outside with a protective coating.

Matching steel bell straps for the steel bells can also be found in the range.

A peal usually consists of different tuned bells with different sounds. So every ringing is unique.

Did you know?
A Bells mean protection and keeps evil spirits away from the house, yard and loved ones. In addition, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck.
Cannons were cast for war purposes, while bells were cast during peacetime. That's why a beautiful bell and the accompanying sound are also a sign of peace and security.

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