Clock cups

Clock cups made of original bronze

Product#: Uhrenschalen
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Clock cups 4 - 16 cm
Alloy: bell bronze
Production using original patterns and models

Restore true to original
Watch cases in various sizes from 4 to 16 cm are available as models and ideal to restore antique clocks and chimes like the original ones.

Of course, cast from the original bronze alloy and made as grandfather times.


A piece of history
A piece of real history and since 1730 in the assortment. This and the associated clocks started over 285 years ago at the Bell Foundry Berger.
You inherited an antique clock? Then restore these in the original way with a watch cup template from back then. Machined mass sounding bodies do not have to be today.

Please let us know your desired size at or +41 34 408 38 38, the team of the Berger Bell Foundry will gladly prepare your personal offer for you without obligation.

Available from CHF 20.00