CHF 300.00 - 499.95

Shipbell large

Shipbell large Shipbell large
Shipbell large
SFr. 459.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs
Shipbell large Shipbell large fully turned
Shipbell large fully turned
SFr. 510.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Ship bell large
Ø: ca. 21 cm
Height: ca. 21 cm

With special clapper and rope

The various types of sound are:
B = Bass, G = Very Bright, H = Bright, M = Middle
A = Middle, E = Light, HB = Half bass, K = Bass, L = Light, N = Very Bright, S = Heavy, T = Bright, W = Very Bright

Our bell numbers correspond to the outer diameter of the bell.

Our bronze bells combine tradition with more than 280 years of experience of our foundry. All of our bells are still handmade and are unique. All the ornaments are redrawn individually in each new sand mould / bell. Producing a bell (Event 3)

The alloy of the bell consists of about 80% copper and 20% tin. The exact receipe is a guarded family secret.

Bronze bells are used for many years in agriculture to protect the animals. If there is some wrong the farmers, shepherd or alpine based hears the sound of the chime and he can react accordingly.
A chime is usally made from different bells with different sounds. So every bell chime is unique too.

In religious rituals bells are used as a tool to communicate with deities or spirits. Also ghosts and demons are to be kept away. In Christianity, the ringing of the bell denotes the prayer time.