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Logo or flag on bells (cast in bronze)

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Company logo / flag cast on bell, from bell no. 11 possible

Your family crest or company logo on a gift? Give lasting joy and not ordinary 08/15 gifts. Imagine, your customer gift or your family present hangs for the next 20 years with your partner or acquaintance in the office. Every time your customer or your partner passes by the bell, he must think of you. Great, isn't it?

Send your template to or WhatsApp to +41793421782 and you will receive your own personal estimate. Of course without obligation.

For completely turned bells, a cast-in logo is unfortunately not possible
To create the template, a vectorized file is needed (*.pdf, *.eps, *.ai etc.). Logos or flags with colour gradient are not possible for technical reasons. These can be realized by digital printing on a strap (from CHF 165.00)

The created ground shap can be reused for further orders (Article "existing cliche").

The production times for logos or coats of arms on the bell are about 5-8 working days.