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Strap for pasturage with half-buckle 13 cm

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Strap for pasturage 13 cm made from high quality leather
Half buckle
108 cm long

Incl. adhere and saddle

Buckle sewed by hand

Combine your personal cowbell with an individual inscription on a tag. You can find the corresponding article under "inscriptions"

The straps are made of genuine stuffed leather and are refined. The edges of the bell strap are broken and rounded to ensure the animals optimal comfort. The straps are vegetable-tanned, which is optimal for your animals, as this tanning method usually counteracts any allergies associated with straps.

With good care with appropriate leather oil, which you can find here, you can use the bell straps on the pasture for many years. Leather straps are insensitive to UV light, unlike nylon straps.

Another advantage of leather straps over nylon is that only harmful and no sharp particles enter the stomach of the animals when consuming parts of the straps. Thus, a high-quality leather straps is still the best for your darlings.

The iron wire buckle is made in a local forge and is not only perfect for pasture use. The noble appearance predestines the strap as a noble gift also. The leather strap gives the whole strap a traditional touch. The bell strap can be easily and simply pulled through the buckle. This allows a quick ad and removal of the bell.