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Canino Berger Bell

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ATTENTION: The sounds can vary greatly depending on the output device!
Experience the sound of the bell Canino here:

Canino Bell
Diameter: ca. 20 cm
Height: ca. 23 cm
Weight: ca. 3.25 kg
Alloy: Original Bell Bronze
Surface: Patiniert
Spezial shape

Certificate of Authenticity individually signed!

A piece of history
Reduced replica of the Canino or Oldenburg bell from the time of Charlemagne. This was from 768 to 814 King of the Frankish Empire. On December 25, 800, he became the first Western European ruler since antiquity to become emperor. The original bell is located in the Vatican Museums.

A sound from the past
Nowadays it is almost impossible to hear the sound of the oldest bells from Europe from the time of the Franconian Christianization. The bells are far too precious to let them ring. This bell allows a unique look into the early days of bell casting.

A valuable gift for very special occasions
A beautiful collection item for bell lovers and an perfect gift for pastors, church musicians, sextons and mesmer
Ideal as a house or sacristy bell
A valuable instrument for the accompaniment of Gregorian chant and other medieval music

Did you already know?
Bells mean protection and keep evil spirits away from the house, yard and loved ones. In addition, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck.
Cannons were cast for war purposes, while bells were cast during peacetime. That's why a beautiful bell and the accompanying sound are also a sign of peace and security.
No matter which unique item you choose, you will always make the right choice and stand out from ordinary gifts.