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Appenzeller steel bell 05, 06 and 07 Sale!

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Souvenir steel bell from Austria
with Appenzellerstrap
ca. 27 cm, 30 cm and 34 cm height
Width: ca. 12 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm

The straps are made in Appenzell and therefore 100% authentic.

Combine the steel bell with an individual inscription on a plaque. The corresponding article can be found under "inscriptions"

Bells with Appenzeller straps are known worldwide and THE gift for all occasions. The bell straps are made in a traditional saddlery in Appenzell. The brass fittings are hand-pinned and show classic subjects.

The Appenzeller Treicheln with their colored fringes are a great gift for all of your customers, business partners and friends. Especially abroad, these bells are very popular.

Did you know?
Bells mean protection and keep evil spirits away from the house, yard and loved ones. In addition, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck.
Cannons were cast for war purposes, while bells were cast during peacetime. That's why a beautiful bell and the accompanying sound are also a sign of peace and security.