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Aluminum Berger Bell no 15 H with strap design A7

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Bell no. 15 with strap design A7
Ø: ca. 15 cm
Hanger: 7 cm
Composition: Aluminum

Strap red/white bordered
Swiss flag
2 Edelweiss
Silver colored buckle
Buckle sewed by hand
Strap with bell connected by adhere

Certificate of Authenticity individually signed!

The different sounds of the bells mean:
B = bass, G = very bright, H = bright, M = middle position

The personal touch
Combine your personal Swiss cowbell with an individual inscription or a logo on a plaque, engraving on the buckle or inscription on the bell. The corresponding article can be found under inscriptions
The coat of arms is of course also interchangeable with other coats of arms from all cantons as well as family and country coats of arms/flags or company logos. The color of the edging is adapted to the coat of arms to give the look of the bell the finishing touch.
No matter which unique item you choose, you will always make the right choice and stand out from ordinary gifts.

Traditional handwork, 100% Swissmade
The design A7, a traditional red / white edging in combination with the Swiss coat of arms and four Edelweiss, makes a high-quality gift for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, weddings and club events. Or may it be an exclusive customer gift for your best corporate client? Giftgiving was yesterday. Create experiences.

High-quality materials
The straps of the A7 series are made of high quality stuffed leather and are vegetable tanned. With good care and high quality leather oil, you can keep the bell straps supple over many years.

The alloy of the bells consists of a special aluminum alloy which has been developed in the in-house laboratory. The casting process and the preparation of the alloy has been tried and tested during innumerable steps.

Did you know?
Bells mean protection, especially the crest on the bell, and keep evil spirits away from the house, yard and loved ones. In addition, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck.
Cannons were cast for war purposes, while bells were cast during peacetime. That's why a beautiful bell and the accompanying sound are also a sign of peace and security.

Environmental Protection
The topic of environmental protection is increasingly important nowadays. Leather is a natural product that is 100% biodegradable. The strap buckles are made of metal, which can be supplied to the metal recycling for recycling. Of course, the bells are completely recyclable, since it is a copper-tin alloy. Cowbells are also at the forefront of sustainability and environmental protection. Give with a good conscience.