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AKO for bell cleaning

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AKO polish

For bell and buckle cleaning
For 6-8 middle sized bells

100 ml

The operation instructions for cleaning of the bell are included.

Procedure for cleaning:
1. Thoroughly clean the bell in a mild soapy water from coarse dirt
2. Portion the AKO on a brush (for example a shoe brush), add some scrubbing agent and brush thoroughly
3. Thoroughly remove all AKO with soapy water and a brush (This step is important, otherwise the bell grey or gets covered with copper rust)
4. Rinse with clean water (warm, not hot) and dry with a clean cloth

Also buckles can be polished with AKO. Washing is not necessary here because the surface is smooth. If the buckle is engraved, the engraving can be highlighted again with black shoe cream.

A mechanical cleaning of bells is also possible. For this reason please contact us. The costs are different depending on the manufacturer of the bells. The costs are from CHF 20.00 (small bells) to CHF 90.00 (big bells)