Worth knowing about bells

Why are bells worn?

Have you ever wondered why bells are worn on animals?
In earlier days, he bells signed prosperity The larger the bells were, and the more bells the farmers had hanged on his animals, the richer he was.
In addition, the bells should keep evil  spirits and deamons from the farmers house and court.

What is left of it?
Even today , bells and steel bells are still worn on animals. Partly as decoration (Cattle watching, alpine ascents and descents) partly to protect the herd (Summer pasture n the alp). The animals can be found on the alp in the mist better. And besides, the peasant, the sheherd or the "alpler", hears wether his animals are in order and graze quietly. If the chime is going to sound strange the person responsible for the animals can react very quickly.
Especially on the alp, where electricity is not always available, the bells are still indispensable today and can not be replaced by modern GPS systems.

Bells and steel bells are also used on "Chessleten" at the "Uebersitz" or for "trychle".
In the far east, the bell is still a popular lucky charm. Anyone who hears the sound of a bell is lucky.

Some anecdotes to bells

One day a goat shepherd appeard in our shop. He put a little goat-bell on the Counter and said: " I need a bell which is of equal size, but does not sound the same." The customer has chosen a bell and the paid. When he went out, our salesman asked why the bell should not sound the same. The shepherd said: "Well, the old mother-goat has unfortunately died, and every time the remain goats hear the sound, they are so sad about that the moather goat is no longer here, they eat not a thing".

A customer has visited our shop an put a completely broken bell on the counter. A bit surprised, our salesman asked if we should repair it. Because this would cost quite a lot. The customer replied that we should repair the bell no matter what it cost. The main thing was that the cow would recognize her bell again. Otherwise the cow (She was the leader in the herd) would not take one simple step if he were to go to the alp. The cow was so attached to her bell.

Once a customer has told that he wanted to do his guide cow something good. The cow has already been a bit older this time. He has given her a smaller bell when it comes going to the alp. Unfortunately the animal has neither taken a step forward, nor back, or moved to any side. She just stood still. What is to be done with that 800 kg Simmentaler cow? The farmer has pulled the smaller bell of again, the cow has the usual bell hung around. The cow has immediately gone ahead and the other cows behind her.

An eldery gentleman has told us in the shop that he is only here today because his cows has worn cowbells. One night there was a huge mess in the pasture. The cows were crying and made a stampede. He had wondered why his cattle were causing such a turmoil. Frightened, he had noticed that his farmhouse was on fire! Immediately he had aroused his wife and children and promtly saved his animals in the farmhouse. He is very grateful today for his cattle who saved his live.

Do you have such a great story to tell? Or do you have something worth knowing about bells?

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