Products made of fine bronze



A wide range of products in any form and shape includes various bells made of fine bronze and aluminum, such as: Cow bells, horse bells, sheep bells, goat bells, door bells, bells with handles, ship bells, as well as small souvenir bells.
Each bell is individually made in a sand mould by hand and is therefore unique. The original recipe comes from grandfather's time. So every bell is a bit of history.

There is also a wide assortment of trychles (hammered bells, not cast) on offer, such as Buller, Bartenbach, Morier, Steiner, Varrone Premana, etc. These are mechanical and manual made steel bells. One steel bell for every occaions.

The matching straps made of high quality leather (except for a few souvenirs) for the Berger bells and trychles are also available. There is a wide range of different designs and production techniques available. You will find the right strap according to your desire.

Apart from that there is also a production line for the music- and clock casting, art castings and industrial castings in various bronze alloys. Even prototyping is a strength of the Berger Bell Foundry.

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You are looking for a unique present for customers? We will be pleased to prepare an offer for you with a Berger bell or a strap  with your logo (casted, with a screen-,or digital printing, or engraved). Please do not hesitate to ask for a free offer.