Here you find a number of great print articles and radio publications about the Berger Bell Foundry.

Bell Media, Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada

RTL Belgium "I COMME" (French)

Radio BBC


Radio Neo1 (Swissgerman)


Radio SRF 1 (Swissgerman)


Coopzeitung 2015 (German)

Clipping out of "Coopzeitung"

Berner Zeitung (German)

Clipping out of "Berner Zeitung"

BlickReisen (German)

Clipping out of "ReiseBlick"

Coopzeitung 2008 (German)

Clipping out of "Coop-Zeitung"

NZZ (German)

Clipping out of "NZZ"

Gazet van Antwerpen (Dutch)

Clipping out of "Gazet van Antwerpen"

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