A strap carved manually

The manually carved straps are 100% manually carved in Switzerland. Thus each bell strap is unique and fits perfectly with the handmade bronze bells. See the creation of a carving on our strap in the picture series below.

carved straps

At the beginning, the strap made of genuine and high quality leather is blank. The carved bell straps can also be used for pasturage. In the following, you will see how the artwork is generated.


The contours are recorded by the artist directly on the leather. This is done by using the delivery template, which hast to be sharp and high quality.

Our carvers are trained professionals to achieve the highest possible quality.












art work is completed.
In the end you can distinguish between the different animals.
A artwork that can not be executed by any computer yet.

finished straps

And no carving is like the other. An individual gift of a special kind. We are happy to bring your own image on the leather. Please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@swissbells.com