Our bells

We have a wide assortment of cow bells, horse bells, sheep bells, goat bells and gift bells.
Event today, our bells are traditionally handmade in a sand mold by an ancient and complex process. That means, each bell is unique all over the world.
We also bring your individual subject on the bell, such as company and club logos, for weddings, etc. to personalize your cowbell. Also the bells can be provided with an inscription according to your wishes. Instead of the Swiss flag, cantonal and / or country flags can be attached. It is also possible to bring on other subjects accordingto your choice.
Cowbells are an exciting alternative to flowers, chocolate or a bottle of wine because a gift wicht a cowbell is permanent and imperishable.


The alloy of our traditional bell consists of approx. 80% copper and 20% tin.
Se how a bell is created: A bell is born

Do you have questions? Then call us at +41 34 408 38 38 or order your desired bell in our onlineshop or via contact@swissbells.com

And which composition is the best for you?

Bells made from aluminum

- Light
- Quietly
- Tough and durable
- Noble
- Stylish and elegant
- Just something special

Bells made from bronze

- Kingly sound
- More than 280 years of experience at our foundry
- Traditional bell
- The real Swiss Bell

Bells special composition

- Robust and durable at it's best
- Perfect sound
- Can also be used for "trychle"