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Increase your sales and profits with original Swiss Cowbells. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer you will receive an unbeatable range at a reasonable price. On top of that, you get the shortest delivery times thanks to an extensive stock, which is also expanded according to your needs, especially for you. Personalized bells with embedded inscriptions are available within three to max. five days. Stock items with one engraving even within one working day! In addition to a unique USP, speed is the key to success in the market today. Therefore, rely only on professional partners.

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- Attractive assortment for additional profit
- High quality products Swissmade and handcrafted
- Great value for your customers
- Fast delivery, if desired worldwide
- Monthly billing

Advantages Webshop:
- Images for online shops are provided free of charge
- Shipped in neutral packaging by Glockengiesserei Berger directly to your customers
- No risk, no need for capital
- No own warehouse needed

Advantages for Point of Sales:
- Only small own warehouse needed for sale
- No risk, location-unsold goods are unbureaucratically withdrawn and well written
- No infrastructure needed for inscriptions or engraving

By the way:
Do you want to offer the products abroad? No problem! The Bell Foundry Berger takes over the export declaration for the cowbells in your name as you have sent the package for your customer. Shipping is via Swiss Post International or FedEX, depending on the needs of your customer.

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In the social media channels you can find videos about the production process. Especially in the Asian market, it is essential to rely on Swissness. Only in this way is it possible to maintain a successful long-term business relationship, which of course also applies to the tourism sector. Many tourists inquire after their visit to Switzerland whether the purchased cowbell has been produced in the Bell Foundry Berger. That the disappointment is ultimately huge when they find out that the bell comes from China, unfortunately reduces the initial joy considerably.
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The topic of environmental protection is more and more important nowadays. Leather is a natural product that is 100% biodegradable. The bell strap buckles are made of metal, which can be supplied to the metal recycling for recycling. Of course, the bells are completely recyclable, since it is a copper-tin alloy. Cowbells are also at the forefront of sustainability and environmental protection.

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